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Alex Hormoaning (aka Spiff) (was born about 1986)

Неизвестно, как точно зовут автора. Hey, Alex! Please, contact with me

« Now, my opinion on the whole situation in the middle east... I think it's really terrible, for both sides of the war. The worst thing about it though is the bystandards, they probably only want to be left in peace, want nothing to do with any war and they are the ones being punished. That's always the problem with war, the wrong people get punished. As for war in general, I'm against it. I wish there was a better way for the problem to be solved, the only thing here is which is the lesser of two evils, th

h h h h h he bombing or doing nothing. Look at World War II, we tried to do nothing and look at what happened. We ended up fighting the war anyways but a lot of problems could have been solved. But then you have the counter argument of something like Vietnam where it may have been better if the States were never involved. It's never an easy decision...

Those are my thoughts, they may be totaly wrong, but then I'm not in congress.


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