Кленовый лист. И континент другой/en (Виталий Липатов)

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A maple leaf. And another continent.
We cannot beg for special mercy.
Among the roads you are forever an outcast.
On any dislike, always try to love.

I always be with you. Even death
When it sees us, it will hesitates a little.
Suddenly, the stone firmament became soft.
I'm lying on the back of my head. Don't touch me.

Who promised: "Oh, death will not separate us!
You are forever, I love what are you are!"
Any joy is still bitter,
If the name of Christ is not remembered.


The ocean separates us again.
And we will live with this, that we are the only ones.
But the young Prince is the captain today,
And the old Fox - in a polished uniform.

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