Кем любимый, где ты, где ты?/en (Виталий Липатов)

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I don't know the name!

Whom beloved, where are you, where are you?
I'm losing you forever.
And I don't expect an answer at all,
But if I ask — I freeze.

Into the darkness I shout to you:
— Who are you? I don't know the name!
And, smelling the breath,
I don't understand why you're silent.

However, what am I speaking — who will give everything
to love about a brother in Christ?
It's easier to get caught small,
And there is not enough heat for everyone.

I repeat, without hesitation:
An indifferent one is not for the Kingdom.
Will you turn around, worried?
I'm being dragged through the ordeal!

All the sufferings of the earth
They appear from here as a blessing.
Only people are like dumb,
Or they are built under the flag.

Alms and prayers!
That's what the soul asked for.
I wake up. Morning of the battle.
Give me strength for repentance.

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