I know you are out there (Alex Hormoaning)

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A Poem For Friends Lost

I know you are out there.
Perhaps on Earth,
Perhaps in Heaven,
And sadly, perhaps in Hell.
I know not of what has happened to you.
I know not of what has become of you.
Are you happy?
Are you sad?
And do you remember me?
Like photographs,
our memories fade,
and warp,
and become lost.
And perhaps you have forgotten me,
But know that I remember you,
And I cherish your memory.
I hope that life has treated you kindly.
I hope that you have what you wanted.
I hope that you are happy.
And even though the thought that you
may have forgotten me, in your busy lives, makes me sad.
Knowing that I won’t forget helps just a little.
But memories are not the same.
I miss the long talks, the games, the fun.
But no matter how much time passes,
The time we had won’t lessen.
And for that I am grateful.
And though you may never see this,
I hope that in some way,
In your heart,
You’ll know,
And be happy.

~A friend.